why travel insurance is important

By | September 29, 2022

Now let’s talk about travel insurance, see why travel insurance is important?

Nowadays there are big travel bloggers on YouTube, they travel a lot, go from one place to another, try a lot, well, why do you need travel insurance travel insurance, suppose you are on a travel trip and something goes wrong, you lose some of your baggage. It happens trip gets delayed or any incidental expense is incurred separately. Incidental means you were doing something and because of that some such event happened where your extra cost came this is this incidental expense ok incidental expense cover example so you have assumed incidental express means that you booked the hotel ok and due to some reason you could not go to the hotel, you had to take another hotel, you booked the car for car rental that car wala did not come your money is gone You had already paid but now if you claim later, then you cannot claim there, otherwise this incidental missed your train, missed your flight, did you now take this train or some other mood? Will have to walk this is an incidental expense so all these extras will cost All these things are covered in travel insurance, further saying that travel insurance is to provide cover against true events.

Type of insurance

6 Types of travel insurance He has said the first is .

  1. International Travel
  2. Student Travel Insurance
  3. Group Travel Insurance
  4. Senior Citizen Travel Insurance
  5. Domestic Travel Insurance
  6. Corporate Travel Insurance

1.International Travel           

Traveling abroad is our dream. Sometimes for work and sometimes for fun, many people travel abroad. A lot of preparations have to be done for this, but often people ignore one important thing, that is to take travel insurance. Travel insurance is very important for people traveling abroad. In the unfamiliar environment of foreign countries, we have no idea where, what kind of situation we will have to face, in such a situation, travel insurance is very useful for us. It gives coverage against all the difficulties and risk factors that may happen during the journey. Most importantly, these insurances also cover incidents like falling ill or losing a bag while traveling. In such a situation, getting travel insurance is very beneficial for you in every respect.

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2.Student Travel Insurance

Studying abroad has become very popular among Indian parents and students. According to the data of the Ministry of External Affairs, till March 20, 2022, 1.33 Indian students left the country for higher education. The number of students studying abroad is increasing day by day. According to the US Mission in India, a record breaking 82,000 student visas were issued to Indians in 2022.

3.Group Travel Insurance

Group Travel Insurance in English: If you are planning a trip with your family or friends and want to travel without any tension, then Group Travel Insurance can be of great help to you. Those people who do not know what is Group Travel Insurance (What is Group Travel Insurance in Hindi) then read this article till the end.

4.Senior Citizen Travel Insurance

Senior Citizen Health Insurance is a medical insurance plan for the age group between 60 to 75 years. Senior Citizens Mediclaim Policy has many special benefits, such as, cashless hospital cover, day care expenses, cover for pre-existing diseases. . All health plans cover the treatment of Kovid-19.

5.Domestic Travel Insurance

By taking domestic travel insurance, you get cover in case of an accident during travel. 2. Apart from this, you get insurance cover in case of medical emergency, trouble during travel, flight delay, ticket cancellation etc.

6.Corporate Travel Insurance

This gives peace of mind while traveling in the country or out of the country. Covered under Corporate Travel Insurance Plan: Coverage under Corporate Travel Insurance Plan covers basic medical expenses, flight delays, lost luggage, failure to catch a connecting flight, etc.

So these are different types of travel insurance where you can get insurance, I just hope you have got an overview of what travel insurance is.

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